Offer Creation

Back to Video Training Library Offer Creation – Live Workshop How to create an offer for your products and services. training is approximately first 30-35 minutes, after that we had a live workshop where we worked on 3 different offers. Elements of your offer: Scarcity & urgency – Limited time, limited spots. Remove the […]

Messaging Magic

Back to Video Training Library Messaging Magic LeighAnn Heil shared great training with us on the topic of Messaging Magic.  This training will help you write THE perfect social media post to promote your business on a personal Facebook profile without going against Terms of Service. You can find LeighAnn: In her Facebook group (highly […]


Back to Video Training Library Affirmations There are a lot of reasons and causes why we have negative thoughts about ourselves, business, or anything you can think of. Everyone has them.  The difference between winners and those who are always playing catch up is the overcoming of bad mindset and limiting beliefs.  Mindset is crucial […]

Facebook Custom Audiences

Setting up custom Facebook audiences early will help you lower the cost of your ads in the future.

Influencer Marketing Basics Class

Back to Video Training Library Influencer Marketing Basics International brands’ influencer programs I built and thousands of influencers I worked with gave me a great insight into the “influencer marketing” industry.  There are too many factors and nuances to call think of it in general terms. A good influencer program will depend on your business, […]