There are a lot of reasons and causes why we have negative thoughts about ourselves, business, or anything you can think of. Everyone has them. 

The difference between winners and those who are always playing catch up is the overcoming of bad mindset and limiting beliefs. 

Mindset is crucial for business success. 

Here are some affirmations to help you in the moments you’re feeling defeated. 

I created these based on main thoughts I want to have throughout the day. I print the pages, cut them into boxes so each affirmation is on a note of it’s own. I then clip them all together and put the top one next to my lap top. 

If I ever catch myself with a bad thought I read my “affirmation of the day“. I just rotate through these. 

Most are business mindset affirmations and a few are more personal as we need to have good relationship with ourselves, our health, and people in our lives. 

Sometimes, I pick 5 most important ones I want to work on and line them up to read all 5 through out the day or the week. 

Here is a photo of mine and how simple they can be!


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