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Focus On The Right Strategy

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Great news!

Are you ready to get unstuck from all the “must-do” marketing strategies that aren’t working for you? I have exactly what you need!

It’s not your fault you’re stuck, overwhelmed, stressed and simply lost trying to promote your business. 

With so many options available and so little time to study them, you simply decide to try what the most popular wealthy marketing people are doing. 

I mean… it worked for them and they are millionaires. It must work for you too, right? 


Your Business Is Nothing Like Theirs!

You need the right strategy that will work for your business! 

marketing overwhelm

I am going to let you in on a SECRET

In most cases you do NOT need all the marketing strategies you’re being sold on! 

Sure, doing dozens of things to promote your business may look like you’re everywhere and it’s only a matter of days before you’re a millionaire.

Let me just ask you… How many of those things are you doing really well?

And how many are you doing just because someone said you should?

I’ve seen this with every single client I worked with! And let’s be honest, it’s not like I never fell for it myself. 

Great news is that we can fix this. 

Here is the plan

STOP This Immediately

Chasing Shiny Objects

Shiny objects are wasting your time, attention, focus and money!

Changing Strategy Every Month

You will never get momentum in business, marketing and advertising if you're trying new things all the time!

Doing Too Many Things At Once

A variety in marketing is great, but you need to know why are you applying a certain strategy and if it is working. If you're doing too many things at once and not tracking every result, you will never know what works and what doesn't.


Join The Momentum HQ

The Momentum HQ is THE business community for overwhelmed business owners who are ready to:

  • stop the shiny object syndrome,
  • get the right strategy for their business,
  • focus on the most productive income generating tactics and
  • get momentum to achieve their next business goal. 
1 %

small businesses say they use social media. But is their strategy optimal for their business? 

1 %

of small business owners run marketing entirely on their own. With limited resources, you must focus on the best channels for your business. 

1 %

of marketers say their biggest challenges are generating traffic and leads. Imagine how it is for business owners who are not great marketers!

the mission of The Momentum HQ

I want you to avoid the trial and error most business owners go through for years, trying to learn things on their own. 

This community is where I am focused on

Whether you need help getting just one new buyer or you need help doing a whole Black Friday promotion for an international brand – I can help. I’ve done all those and many more things for international brands and mom & pop shops alike. 

How This Works

When you join The Momentum HQ you get:

Video Training Library

Ever growing library of training that will simplify your marketing and advertising

Support Group

Private Facebook group where you get direct support from me and my team as often as you need it!

Live Training Sessions

Focused implementation of strategies and tactics that will work for your business

Support Calls and Q&A

Get all your questions answered so you can dive into implementation to get momentum in your business fast


Ever growing library of worksheets that will further simplify your implementation

Exclusive Discounts & Perks

Discounts on services, consulting, courses, and tools

What people say about Nika?

Nika is a marketing and business whisperer. Nika is my personal business coach I love her direct, no nonsense, loving approach. I love that she matches my intensity and pushes me to do more! She is extremely loyal in her support of my entrepreneurial and business growth. Nika Is extremely knowledgeable in social media, copy, marketing, business strategy, and content creation. I appreciate her so much and I’m so grateful she has been a part of helping me grow my business and brand!
Karla Cauldwell BSN, HHC
Nika Wolf is the real marketing deal. Besides being the go-to person for sports/outdoor marketing, she has also worked with the likes of Grant Cardone in putting together campaigns. She is a no-nonsense strategist, efficient, no bull-no fluff! If you like saving time, (and making money!) she can help you bring in big money quickly. One of her campaigns for just one client brought in over $997,000. in revenue in ONE DAY. She works with champions. And like any great quarterback, she knows how and when to call or run your plays, but more importantly, she knows how to win. Hire her now before she renegotiates with the league and her price goes up! Get her on YOUR team so your competitors will get used to coming in second.
LeighAnn Heil

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What current members are saying:


Marketing and advertising are overwhelming for any stage of business. If you’re not a professional marketer you can benefit from having access to someone who can simplify it for you.

I’ve worked with dozens of different industries and hundreds of businesses. If you’re not sure I would be able to help because you’re in a very unique industry, feel free to send a message and ask using the chat feature on the right. 

All training and coaching is done in the group. If you need one-on-one coaching you can schedule a call with Nika, as a member of the community you receive a discount for one-on-one consultations. 

Yes, all content is recorded and added to the video library. 

This is not a course. Even though we have an ever growing library of content The Momentum HQ is not a course. It is a support community with access to an experienced consultant. Think of it as low-cost high-value access to a mastermind!

Yes, but not for you. Once you join The Momentum HQ your price will never change unless you cancel the membership. The value of the membership will increase so the longer you stay the higher the value you’re getting for the price you pay today.

Absolutely not. This community will be very valuable to local service providers, mom & pops shops, influencers, coaches and many others alike. 

All training is done online. Your content library is located online and accessible 24/7.

No! You can cancel your membership at any time. Make sure to contact us at least 24 hours before your renewal so you’re not charged again. Renewals are non-refundable.

No! Although The Momentum HQ is female founded, we have amazing male coaches from the corporate world contributing to our members.

I would love to help. Please send a message using the chat feature in the bottom right corner.